Do you want to reach out to a supplier, but are worried about not finding a legitimate company to work with? Do you need your goods manufactured, but afraid about the quality? Are you worried about sending money to your supplier that you may be scammed? Most of our customers came to us because they had a bad experience with another supplier- Goods delivered are not what was promised, goods delivered are full of defects and supplier does not take responsibility, money wired to supplier, then supplier disappears...

We understand this happens more than you’d like unfortunately.

With Canrocus, you can rest assured that this will never happen to you. How? By talking to our referrals. Canrocus works with multiple brands worldwide, and our customers are satisfied and would recommend our services and products. Due to client-supplier confidentiality, which we take great pride of to protect, we do not disclose who our customers are. However, if you are interested in knowing more, we will be happy to speak to you, and privately put you in touch with our customers, so you can be sure that we can be trusted (with the agreement from the customer to disclose their names).

Please feel free to reach out to us at and/or sending us a message from our LinkedIn Page We will be more than happy to support.



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